PetFood Masters School

18th - 20th September 2020
Bled Hotel Park, Slovenia


For Market Leaders who make things happen

Petfood Masters School™ is an innovative pet food event that will feature three days of exclusive knowledge, effective workshops and networking with petfood industry practitioners. Petfood Masters School™ it is an ideal opportunity for industry professionals to gain new insights and know-how needed to create impact on future trends by learning from experts with over 20 years experience in pet food production, marketing and management. Petfood Masters School™ is a unique and exclusive event ideal for petfood manufacturers.

Why to attend Petfood Masters School?

Petfood Masters School™ is a place where top industry producers, leaders and experts gather to learn the latest pet food industry trends and share their secret recipes to success. To enable attendees to maximise benefits from participating in the workshops, we can accommodate only up to 24 participants. Apply now to secure your place in eight exclusive workshops that will help you to increase your company's competitive advantage and profitability immediately.

To gain the highest possible value, participants will take part in intensive, interactive workshops and will work on case studies in smaller subgroups. As the space is limited, secure your place and apply now.

Why should you attend Petfood Masters School

Multidisciplinary event organized from a practical approach due to high market demand for specific know-how in pet food industry. The event is organized and lead by top industry professionals with no influence from sponsors or any hidden lobbying included. It creates a valuable opportunity to build professional network and exchange best practices or learnings serving business performance and pets.

Why should you attend Petfood Masters School

The program will provide fact-based knowledge, skills and solutions related to your needs to help you increase your business profitability. Our interactive workshops are designed to offer participants a hands on experience and direct access to speakers and facilitators. Attendees will have an opportunity to work in small subgroups and take part in real business simulations, experiencing real ingredients, raw materials and production processes.

Why should you attend Petfood Masters School

Participants will enhance their competences even further to improve business performance and shape the petfood category future. Knowledge and skills acquired over the course of three days can be directly implemented in your daily activities at work. Apply now for 8 hands on exclusive workshops with for increasing your company competitive advantage right now.

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speakers & presenters

Interactive sessions designed to bring to life practical cases and latest industry knowledge will be facilitated by:

team member

Bogusia Dziedzic

Nutrition Specialist

Author of many petfood products implemented on the market.

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team member

Mariusz Dziedzic

Engineer, Designer

Expert for petfood business optimisation and restructuring, specialised in enhancing efficiency.

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